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KW Therapy Solutions Ltd have been the UK distributors of Throne Accessories since June 2012.

Based in Lancashire they are ideally located to supply all of the UK. Karen, an Occupational Therapist with 20 years experience saw the rail system at a show and loved it.

When Karen tried to access the equipment for her clients she was told this wasn’t possible as the product was not available outside Australia. This prompted Karen to start KW Therapy Solutions Ltd with her husband Andrew to head the new venture, ensuring that everyone in the UK has quality, choice and accessibility to suit their needs.

Throne Accessories have been a success in Australia for over 20 years, and now the revolutionary rail system is available to the UK market via Throne UK.

Throne Toilet Rail systems are a welcome alternative to most toilet aids in that they give greatly improved access and safety during toileting. The rail allows for easier access to lower onto the toilet and makes it easier to ‘push up,' rather than ‘pull up’.

The rails are considered safer and therefore superior to the standard toilet frames that are free standing and thus do not provide stable support. Other users are able to access the toilet without having to remove the rail.

The benefits of the Throne Toilet Rails include:

     •     Reduces falls as no frame system.

     •     Fits in small bathrooms or where space is restricted.

     •     Secure as fits directly onto toilet, it can be used in circumstances where standard toilet frames cannot be fitted.

     •     It can be removed and taken with the client if the client moves house.

If you would like to see the Throne Rails we offer FREE Demonstrations and Assessments either at the clients home or at your place of work.


Company Information - Throne UK is a Trading Name of KW Therapy Solutions Limited

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