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Comfort Cleanse Bidet System and Throne 50mm Toilet Raiser

Are you elderly and not as agile as you once were? Are you recovering from an injury or accident and your mobility is impaired? Are you overweight and seeking help with the most personal activities? Are you none of the above but still seek that ultra-clean feeling? We have what you need. Upgrade your personal hygiene today with these electric Japanese style bidet seats. We stock a range of seats and integrated units including the Grohe Sensia and Vitra V-Care. Uniquely we can provide an installation service.

Environmentally Friendly

Using our self cleaning and drying electric bidets can save 75% or more on toilet paper use, helping to protect our forests and our environment.

2-Year Guarantee

Each electric bidet seat comes with a no quibble 2-year factory backed guarantee. Your complete satisfaction is our only concern.

Easy Installation

Electric Bidet installation on existing toilets is extremely easy, as they are adaptable to most standard fixtures.

E'LOO Bidet System and Throne 50mm Toilet Raiser

The ELoo One-Touch bidet seat has been carefully designed with the independent living sector in mind. The bidet seat is designed to easily fit most standard UK toilets, and offers a simple one touch system to assist users with cleaning after toileting. With the press of a button incorporated into the front of the seat, the ELoo One-Touch upholds the dignity and privacy of the user without compromising their personal hygiene.


  • The ELoo One-Touch bidet seat restores dignity and independence to those who experience difficulty while toileting, all while providing practical and hygienic benefits. It is easily fitted to the existing toilet.

  • Designed to be easy to use, particularly for those with cognitive difficulty. Just One Touch (no hand-sets, remotes, or complicated procedures)

  • Cleans the perineum and intimate areas, allowing the user to feel clean and comfortable


Bio-bidet, Throne 50mm Toilet Raiser, Throne 3-in-1 Support Rail

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme is a remote controlled electronic toilet bidet with luxury heated toilet seat, warm water spray and heated air dryer for the ultimate in cleanliness and comfort.

A cost effective shower toilet for use by the elderly, disabled and those suffering from medical conditions like multiple sclerosis.

With state-of-the-art slim design, the Bio Bidet will compliment your bathroom environment.

The seat's control panel is intelligently designed for easy and efficient operation, with highly visible LEDs and touch sensitive symbolized functions that can be easily identified and controlled, even by first time users.

Quiet and smooth running, the built-in motor lets users control the water stream, so you can set it to your own desired temperature and pressure.

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